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Bob Griffin

First male recruit contacted. Bob is an auto-mechanic as the tale begins. He secretly writes stories and dreams of becoming a film director. The Messenger calls him, on this ambition the first time they meet. As the plot unfolds Bob is appointed ‘Media & Propaganda Czar’ of Spin & Modulation.

Bob is a true Deadhead. He has thousands of tapes, CD’s and downloaded concerts in a basement closet. He listens to the Dead constantly while driving his truck ‘Molly’. This truck means a great deal to the mechanic. He has conversations with her daily. He also loves a Chocolate Brown Lab, named Mo.

Bob is suffering from OCD. He constantly assembles lists of tasks he must complete, by a certain time frame. He does not like to let anyone down. Bob does not lie, cheat or deceive to get what he wants. He uses personality, tact and a smile to achieve his goals. When nervous picks his fingernails and flicks them away. Says ‘Man o Manischewitz Wine’, ‘Yeah it is’.

Bob’s hair is blond and curly. He wears it long and it usually looks untidy. His eyes are a bright shade of translucent green. He has a barrel chest, muscular arms and a sturdy torso. His hands are scarred, the fingers misshaped. He wears jeans, construction boots and Eagles coat in winter. In the heat he wears cut-off shorts and pull-over Dead shirts.

Bob hesitates to move out of his father’s house. He feels responsible to keep the family together. He is still shattered by his mom’s death. Both he and Kevin are protective of Jimmy. The appearance of his mother gives him a new sense of purpose. He is rejuvenated by her demeanor and the effect it has on his dad.


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