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Kevin Ryan

Kevin grew-up early. His father, an impatient alcoholic, died when Kevin turned 16. His mother Anna, an overweight devout Catholic; tried to keep her son honest and pious. Kevin thought she was gullible and unbalanced. It was then that he began to shoot pool for money and steal people’s rides for kicks.

Kevin looks like a Leprechaun on steroids. His chin comes to a point, enormous ears jutted from the side of his head. His brown eyes are hard as bronze, his hair straight and short with a dark reddish hue. Oversized feet encased in construction boots which enabled a lengthy stride. Kevin prefers loose fitting garments the kind that appear to be donated.

He was heard to say; “All I need is a beer and a left-handed redhead”. He greets everyone with “how ya doin”? On parting he instructs, “have a good one”. His favorite term is “ass-wipe” which he uses as a noun, adjective and verb. He smokes Marlboros and enjoys drinking Irish Whisky and Miller Beer. He is a wily character in the Urban/Scifi/Series ‘Psychedelic Prophet’.

Once he meets the Messenger Kevin discovers an aspect of his make-up he never suspected. He finds satisfaction in the noble pursuit of assuring the safety of his friends. He also begins to question his beliefs about death and a higher power. After the messenger introduces a pulse of the ‘Universal Flow’ into Kevin’s nervous system, he acquires a ‘six sense and lightning fast reflexes.

On a mission abroad to recruit pre-chosen disciples, Kevin encounters a Black Caped seven foot emissary from hell, named Kremmel for the first time. He must prevent this foe from harming his friends. Once he learns about the Cape’s participation in Sloan’s demise, he vows to even the score.


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