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Kremmel was born on a Radical Muslim planet that revolves around a green star at the other edge of the galaxy. His worlds’ name when translated means ‘Mecca 3’. Kremmel is an old adversary of the Messenger. They have battled numerous times in the past. The seven foot, black caped lunatic, possesses supra-natural abilities. He is known to display tremendous strength and agility. His purpose here is to derail the messenger’s mission and help implement Sharia Law across the planet.

Kremmel wears a metallic Black Cape. He has two distinct looks. Without a disguise his head resembles a steers’. Eyes that are as large as dessert plates, stare maliciously down a prominent snout. His enormous mouth is ringed by moldy teeth and gums that exude an oily toxic odor. Ears the color of Iceberg Lettuce are pasted to the side of his head. Three elongated talons protrude from two appendages. On his right center talon he wears a family gem of orange.

While in disguise his head appears more human like, yet, the casual observer will no doubt mistake his appearance as a birth defect. His pants and shirt are fashioned using a foreign reptilian skin. His talons are near impossible to conceal. They puncture his arm when he gets impatient and draw an orange blood-like substance. His height and alien features are enough to alert most humans of his true lineage. In disguise or not the stench that emanates from his body causes birds to fall like stones to the ground in his wake. Flicks his tongue when triumphant or nervous.

Kremmel can invade our minds when we’re asleep or awake. He produces nightmares, with him as the star. The disciples are all exposed to his malignant brand of mind sabotage. He laughs with an echo like all-encompassing rumbling that shakes the ground. When Kremmel spins, he disappears into the fabric of the landscape. He curses the infidels and this Kufr filled planet in a multitude of tongues. When he speaks, the words are undermined by a mechanical grinding racket that disturbs humans.


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