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Mathew Wells aka The Messenger, is a mysterious agent of change, in the Urban Sci/fi Adv novel ‘Psychedelic Prophet. The reader is guessing about his true identity throughout the series. It’s Northeast Philadelphia 2004. A clandestine agent and his band of eclectic prospects strive to complete a mission.

In a far flung retirement facility twenty miles north of Philly a stoic figure sits at a virtual keyboard. He has no social security number; and for the time being, the government is unaware of his existence. Gray dominates his hair and beard, yet his eyes sparkle with an intense radiance that commands immediate respect. Who is this enigma, and what is the purpose of his visit?

His disposition is firm yet jovial. Occasionally he resorts to sarcasm to prove a point. A slight smile emerges if he suspects irony behind a motive.

Matt is a shaman of sorts. He can heal diseases, cures drug addictions, can travel through time and the astral plane. He can levitate, fly and turn on the charm when expected. He’s blesses with the ability to match frequencies with souls in other realms. His vision and hearing are stupendous. At time his voice is amplified. A force field surrounds his body. Rubs beard with thumbnail while in thought. When instructing recruits about Spin & Mod his voice take on a melodious quality.

The plot twists when his followers turn him onto Magic Mushrooms and the Grateful Dead. After the death of a friend he devises a new plan that enables him to communicate with Jerry Garcia’s spirit. Jerry agrees to help him on his quest, avert a modern day Crusade, preventing a global catastrophe.

The Messenger introduces a new discipline called Spin & Modulation to his followers. Spin & Mod is a method of aligning the three prime vibrations with the cosmos to enter alternative dimensions. Mathew Wells along with his followers must spread this fledgling discipline throughout the planet.


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