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Sloan Gallagher

Sloan’s life seems to be unravelling. Each day brings her closer to the edge of sheer panic. Her number one priority is her twelve year old daughter, Amber Lynn. They live in a tiny two-bedroom duplex in the Oxford circle section of Northeast Philadelphia.

She’s employed by a women entrepreneur who owns a commercial cleaning company. She must work four ten hour shifts to pay her rent and buy the necessities needed to survive in the big city. Her kind-hearted boss Stella helped her out of a jam before Amber’s birth and continues to look after the frail blond.

Her best friend Lisa Holmes also watches over her and Amber out of concern for her situation. They met when Sloan answered an ad to clean the main dining room in preparation for a party thrown by the Holmes in the late nineties. Lisa’s parents Robert and Sharon took an immediate liking to both Amber Lynn and Sloan.

In the novel “Psychedelic Prophet” Sloan wages an ongoing battle for her sanity. She is hearing phantom voiced and experiencing hallucinations featuring her dead, sexually abusive father. She is terrified daily, that her tenuous grip on reality is slipping away. She remains confused as to why she keeps feeling alone and confused. She repeatedly asks Jesus for guidance with the phrase “Jesus Please”. She suffers through bouts of shaking and sobs for hours on end.

The Messenger attempts to cope with these troublesome symptoms. He touches her jugular in an attempt to quell these on-going occurrences. He then tries to vanquish these episodes with a series of mysterious serums to stabilize her mind. Yet he fails to eliminate the demons playing havoc in her brain. Sloan is envious of Lisa. She lusts for Bob. Sloan is blessed with an aversion to illicit drugs and alcohol.


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