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Lisa Holmes

Lisa Holmes is a Temple University student, a couple semesters short of a teaching degree. She lives with her parents and brother in a wealthy suburb of Philadelphia. She does not feel comfortable in the Holmes’ Mansion. Her father, she believes constantly watches her and ease-drops on her conversations, whether she’s speaking over the intercom, her cell, or the myriad of pick-ups planted on the premises.

Although Lisa is thrilled to be selected as the first female disciple; she is still is apprehensive about leaving the comforts of the Holmes Mansion. She worries about her inebriated mom’s health and mental capacities. She is accustomed to the latest and greatest devices designed to ease life’s discomforts.

Lisa is animated with nervous energy. She seldom stays in one place for very long. Her movements fluid and sultry. She twists her bangs around her fingers when under pressure. Lisa is sensitive and will lash out if she feels threatened or her actions go unrecognized.

She says “No you didn’t”? and Don’t go there”!

Miss Holmes likes to dance. She wears tight jeans and boots, low cut sweater in winter and short skirts and T-Shirts in summer. Lisa is a shopaholic. She wears silver turquoise jewelry and owns a huge collection of pocketbooks. Reads romance novels. During college semesters always doing homework.

She wants to help the Messenger save the world, even at the risk of angering her dad, who she is certain will detests the new discipline and its founder. Bob Griffin is not held in high esteem by Holmes either. In her role of ‘high priestess’, she prances across the stage in a tight garment that pulses in an assortment of vivid colors. Lisa is well endowed, and possesses a bold demeanor. Sloan is a close friend.


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